New Site! New Ideas and hopefully a more organized (and frequent) writing!

Well! another adventure and as the title explains it, I’ve let myself go in writing, specially since I graduated and started working, but now that I’m doing my Master’s I’ve found a bit more time to spare, a new place where I’m living (now Portugal) so new experiences are abound! I really hope I’ll be able to maintain my promise of writing more. I always think about it but end up wimping out so, here we are.

(A not so brief..) Explanation of whats been going on

In case this makes no sense to you, I’ll explain first by introducing myself. I’m Bernardo Paredes (though here in Portugal I’m Oliveira because of how last names work here) I’m a Psychologist from Ecuador who that thinks a lot and really just wants to put all that into paper (or blogs I guess, if I ever get published in a journal THAT would be interesting). I previously had a blog on Blogger called Ando Pensando Algo which, like this one and many other blogs was made on a whim. That was a long time ago, and it ended up just being forgotten, but apparently I got around 34 reads on the few articles that I had there, and I find that great!! I guess (?) I really don’t know how numbers work internet wise but its a start. Now I will migrate 3 of those texts here to WordPress, however the one I wrote on women I will not, simply for the fact that I actually grew older and more mature (believe it or not) and I have deepened on that thought and I believe what I wrote on that text no longer holds true in my new way of thinking; besides I will be writing on that topic eventually (also My masters is related to it) so it wouldn’t make much more sense putting it here.

Those texts are in spanish and due to how old they are I will not be translating them to english (or maybe the short story if I see people want that to happen), which leads me to the next point. Why am I writing in english? and the answers lies in the fact that for some reason, it’s easier for me to write in it, I found myself that while writing in spanish it felt more professional, the depth of the language made me think longer and harder about the exact words to use, while in English (being a rather simpler language) words just come out and sound fine. This decision was also due to the fact that I know a lot of people from many countries which may (hopefully) want to read my blaberings and thoughts and as such garner a bigger audience, also most, if not all, of my Ecuadorian friends understand english and the same holds true for my friends abroad so it makes sense that I’ll switch to english.

Now this doesn’t mean I won’t write in spanish! as I stated before I feel english is better for expressing my ideas in general, but for certain other things I prefer spanish (mainly short stories, poems and such). But if I get people who want me to translate them to english I’ll try to do so! So that’s that! If there’s anything new it’ll appear on my Twitter so if you like it you can follow me over there.

TL;DR (and actual description)

My name’s Bernardo Paredes, I’m moving on to WordPress instead of Blogger, I like to write about a lot of things that happen around me like Music, Videogames, Politics, Movies, and different thoughts that come to my head. I’ll write in English and occasionally in Spanish and if you would like to know more, you can follow me on Twitter, shout me, comment, or whatever you would want.

Happy reading!!



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